greentrip certified

Our focus on urban infill projects creates opportunity for tapping into existing mass transit which saves 20%-40% of vehicle miles traveled (VMT) with corresponding reductions in greenhouse gases (GHGs).

  • In partnership with TransForm, all of our residential projects are designed to achieve certification through their GreenTRIP program.  TransForm, a nonprofit organization, specializes in development strategies that “save residents money, increase transit ridership, reduce local traffic, pollution and carbon emissions, and make streets safer for everyone.” - TransForm
  • In support of the use of alternative transportation methods, our residential projects offer secure bicycle storage, car share programs, and resident incentives aligned with local mass transit services.
  • When completed, our Garden Village project will achieve a Platinum GreenTRIP Platinum certification through the implementation of in-unit bicycle parking, secure on-site bicycle storage, on-site bicycle repair station, on-site car sharing program and a resident mass transit incentive package.”