We deliver higher quality buildings faster and at a lower direct cost than conventional construction and modular competitors.

We employ a true Toyota Production System approach to manufacturing as opposed to merely doing construction inside a warehouse.  We have a sophisticated ERP (enterprise resource planning) system that we use to manage our materials, labor, production schedule and entire manufacturing process.  We employ the principles of just-in-time and one-piece-flow manufacturing.  Our factory labor is roughly twice as productive as job-site labor.  We have less waste and use less energy in our process.

Precise Design

We use sophisticated 3D modeling software to maximize efficiency in design.

Our buildings are all non-combustible light-gauge steel construction. Fire, mold, and termite risks are minimized or eliminated with our system.  Steel construction results in a higher-quality building than wood construction.

We eliminate structural redundancy typical of most modular building approaches and achieve 9’ ceilings with a 10’ floor-to-floor height.  We can deliver up to 11’ ceiling heights.

Precise Manufacturing

We employ sophisticated measurement technology to monitor our production efficiency, to identify production issues before they become serious, and to identify improvement opportunities.

Our factory operates at a dramatically higher level of worker safety compared to a typical construction site.

We have a consistent supply chain and great buying power as a high-volume modular manufacturer.

Precise Installation

Our modules are 95% complete when delivered to a site with less than 1/8 inch of deviation.  Waterproofing and cladding are complete except for joints.  Modules are finished drywalled and painted.  We can even deliver modules furnished at the factory if the client desires.

Our system results in a much lighter overall building weight.  This reduces foundation costs and lateral seismic system costs.


Quality Finishes and Materials

Our factory's controlled environment and building repetition allow for a greater attention to detail.

We use the highest-quality finishes which are detailed for durability.