Randy Miller, P.E
President and CEO


Randy Miller is a third generation builder who started his building career crawling around job sites in diapers.  Miller observed the buildings trades before studying mechanical engineering at UC Berkeley while working in project engineering positions for first tier general contractors in both Northern and Southern California during the summers.  After a BS in mechanical engineering at UC Berkeley, Miller attended graduate school at Stanford University where he completed an MS in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in construction engineering and management.

Post-graduation, armed with two engineering degrees, Miller believed that his education was incomplete without experience on large projects.  To gain this necessary experience, Miller accepted a job as an apprentice carpenter with a major concrete subcontractor in Los Angeles.  Miller spent the next year on a concrete forming crew gaining invaluable experience learning how buildings are actually built in practice.  From their Miller rotated through each of the key operating areas of a construction business; cost estimating, supervision, and project management.

Now ready to begin, Miller starting his building career as a general contractor.  Projects and success came in a diverse range of project types including complex research facilities, multi-family housing projects, commercial structures, and institutional facilities as did acclaim post completion for the award winning UCLA Medical Building in Santa Monica.  Miller relocated his focus to Northern California to Bay Area projects and has formed the company you see today.  Miller has completions and a pipeline of projects whose total value is well in excess of 1 billion dollars.  

Miller holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley 2002 and a master’s degree in construction engineering and management from Stanford University 2003.  Miller is a licensed professional engineer in the State of California, is a licensed general building contractor, general engineering contractor, fire sprinkler contractor, and manufactured building contractor.


Anthony Levandowski


Anthony Levandowski is a serial entrepreneur and roboticist.  Levandowski’s successful startups include 510 Systems, Anthony’s Robots, and [Signposts]. All three entities have separately been sold to Google.   Levandowski’s automation and robotics companies sold to Google form the technical foundation of Google’s “Streetview” mapping system and their self-driving car.  Levandowski left Google in 2016 and formed xxxxxxxxxx whose focus is also on self-driving cars.

Levandowski’s sales of these companies including successful earn-outs approaching 500 million dollars. Levandowski and Miller have worked together on projects and invested together since their freshman year at UC Berkeley.  An early Levandowski project that Miller contributed to was a self-driving fully autonomous motorcycle built for the first DARPA “Grand Challenge” autonomous vehicle competition.  This competition was the spark for virtually all autonomous vehicle development in the last decade.  Levandowski’s robotic motorcycle submission is now on permanent display at the national Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC.

Mr. Levandowski has been an investor in each of the company’s projects since inception. As a technology developer and real estate investor Levandowski understands and applies a unique perspective on how and where technical innovation can generate industry leading returns in the real estate and construction arena.

Anthony Levandowski holds both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from the University of California, Berkeley, 2002 and 2003, respectively.



Drew Gissinger
Chairman of the Board


Drew Gissinger runs the family office of Team G Capital, a Private Equity LLC.  The fund’s focus is primarily in the Real Estate, Automotive and Lending sectors. 

Gissinger was President and COO of Countrywide Home Loans with direct oversight for virtually all revenue generation including: mortgage banking, banking, insurance and warehouse lending consisting of 40,000 employees, annual revenue of 10 plus billion dollars and direct profit contribution of 3 plus billion dollars.  Gissinger was appointed CEO of Countrywide Financial Corp by Bank of America to transition and integrate the sale of the company into the banking franchise. 

Prior to Countrywide, Gissinger ran his own mortgage company, developed single-family housing projects throughout California and was a proprietary trader. 

Gissinger was an Academic All American and four-year Letterman at Syracuse University where he majored in Business. He was the recipient of the Joseph Alexander Award for his athletic and academic accomplishments at Syracuse University.  Gissinger was an offensive lineman for 5 years playing for the San Diego Chargers.