Our Team

Our leaders and engineers come from the top schools and the top firms. They have proven track records for delivering results.



Randy Miller, P.E.
President and CEO


Anthony Levandowski


Drew Gissinger
Chairman of the Board

DEVELOPMENT & Construction

Jason M Laub
VP & Director of Operations

Andrew Cussen, P.E.
Project Manager / Sr. Project Engineer

Matt Rapa
Project Superintendent

Rob Acero
Sr. Project Manager


Brian Caruso
Project Executive

Mark Laub
Sr. Project Superintendent

Ray Boff
Sr. Project Manager

Kenton Rogers
Sr. Project  Manager

Andres Zelkowicz
Construction Project  Engineer


Lindsay Facchini
Project Manager

Shaun Harris
Construction Engineer

Cameron Jackson
Sr. Construction Engineer

David Wilhite
Construction Engineer


Design & Engineering

Joseph Lee, Architect
Design Director

Lih-Chuin Loh, Architect
Senior Project Architect

Sara Pacelko
Project Architect

Paul Leveriza
Senior Project Designer


Hessam Kazemzadeh S.E.
Engineering Director

Chris Harris, S.E.
Project Structural Engineer

David Tse
Project Engineer

Stanley Wu
Project Engineer

Jim Situ
Project Engineer


Dan Germain, Architect
Design Principal

Jang Lee
Project Designer & BIM Manager

Andie Larson
Architectural Designer

J. Charlie Tedstrom
Architectural Designer



Greg Snodgrass
Director of Manufacturing

Brad Nelson
Product Design Engineer

Ercan Atas
Product Design Engineer

Jerry Perez
Product Design Engineer



Robert Sordello
Director of Supply Chain Management

Tanya Gonzalez
MRP Specialist

Rumi Sugitani
Purchasing Manager

Jackie Aboona
Senior Cost Accountant / HR Manager

Shannon Anderson
Accounting Specialist



Jay W. Janda, Architect
Design Director

Angad Deep Singh
Product Design Engineer

Bradley Johnson
Product Design Engineer

Ian Lim
Product Design Engineer

finance & admin

Travis C. Lane
Chief Financial Officer

Steven Orchard
Chief Investment Officer

Alexis Miller, J.D.
General Counsel


Dona Lao
Accounting Manager

Rosangela Shubert
Senior Accountant

Julie Peavey
Senior Accountant



Aaron Wilson
IT Manager

Bailey Kirkland
Office Manager

Karen Abude
Project Accountant